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This tool is designed to assist in evaluating the feasibility and opportunities for locating a new biorefinery. The tool provides access to information on demographics, land use, biomass, feedstock, economics, and financial management. Using this tool, stakeholders can perform market and economic analysis on the viability of a renewable fuels project, and on the potential benefits of selling your feedstocks to a refinery rather than in the traditional sales market. The sustainability section of the tool allows users to assess GHG (CO2) savings and the amount of petroleum fuels possibly replaced by biofuels.

Maps display market research in:

  • Socio-demographics
  • Agricultural practices
  • Net returns on different agricultural types and production practices
  • Current biomass available
  • Current operating refineries and blending terminals
  • Demand and infrastructure available in the United States

Tool is organized by stakeholder to help users navigate the information. (select a stakeholder type)